The Boathouse. 5th Feb 2017

This year’s Aug. 12 Preserve the Arts Auction at the newly renovated Elizabeth Lane Oliver Center for the Arts will feature an array of unique items, including an original framed watercolor by Tony Couch. Photo Special to the Insider

‘The Boathouse’
Watercolour lessons all this week.
“A painting with a very different style, sort of negative painting. The background is painted and the boat, ladder, and other white objects are just the unpainted paper.”
Sap green. Violet. Cerulean blue. Yellow ochre. Ultramarine blue. Red. Burnt umber. Burnt sienna. Permanent rose..and a white pen if you have one.
“A really enjoyable small picture, I enjoyed painting it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when I show you the techniques this week. 🙂

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